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BIZ Floor
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BIZ Floor

Comparison of material features

  • steel, hanycomcore, particle board, concrete and wood type materials are being used as double floor's finishing material.
    - The upper plate is usually ade with cold rolling plate. Also, asbestos, wood, CFRC and GRC are being used as well.
    - Normal measurement of the upper plate is 45x45㎝ 50×50㎝, 60x60㎝.

  • Steel products are advantageous in its hardness, workability, fire proof properties and high conductibility. However, it does not have heat insulation properties and provides bad walking experience.
    - Inorganic type has good strength and fire proof property. However, it is heavy and does not have high conducting properties.
    - Even though low-priced wood products will share a large portion of the market, it does not have high measurement precisions, fire proof properties, high conducting properties and strength.

Trends of materials

  • Inorganic molding panel
    - Non organic cements are commercialized since 1990s.
    - Currently various non organic products such as cement, gypsum, pearlite and ash are being manufactured in 600x600mm and 500x500mm molds.
    - The appearance of the product is same as the wood product. Since it does not have any PVC edge trim, it will not cause any malfunctions.
    - It has good weight sustaining property, anti-humidity property, high measurement precision property, fire proof property and environmentally property. It also provides good walking experience.
  • Wood panel
    - By using 35~38mm particle board (compressed wood, collected wood) as its main material, it attaches finishing material at the top and Aluminum/PVC at the bottom. It is also known as wood panel and gamma panel.
    - It is easy to manufacture and its equipment needed for the manufacturing process is fairly low.
    Therefore, it has a great potential in expanding its market.

By using high-density particle board it provides sound proof effect and better walking experience
Economically feasibility and has good workability at work site
It may bend or deform based on the environment and is weak against humidity

  • Steel panel
    - By using 0.8~2.0mm steel plate, the upper part is cut horizontally and the bottom part cut with concave shape by electric spot welding.
  • Steel Concrete Core Panel
    - By injecting in organic materials such as cement in between upper horizontal part and bottom concave part, it strengthened weight withstanding properties and resonance properties of the steel plate.
    - PVC edge trim, required to maintain product shape and function, may cause various malfunctions. Therefore, the need for the product is being limited.

Addition of concrete allows strong durability against weight load and shock.
Addition of concrete allows low heat conduction rate and resistant against fire. It minimizes deformation and bending effect in high heat and is highly stable.
By adding concrete in the panel, it prevents vibration for better walking experience.
It is a semi-permanent product that may be used by replacing the finishing materials.
It may be recycled and does not produce garbage or dust.

  • Plastic panel
    - The plastic panel has been manufactured by molding plastic material. However, due to its limits in product finishing process, it was not developed in double floor type products.
    - Currently, the plastic product is lined on top of the floor and the upper part is finished with the finishing material. However, panels are fixed into the floor and its height may not be adjusted. It cannot be used as a double floor material.
    - More extensive research and development is being done on plastic and organic material products. It is being thought as a potential product that may be used as double floor materials.

Floor finishing material for access floor

  • There is an integrated finishing material (conductive tile, deluxe tile, HP laminate tile, deco tile, galant tile, OA tile) that is installed on top of the access floor panel before being transported to the work site. Also, there are assembly tiles (carpet tile, OA tile) that may be installed after installation of the access floor.
    - Any finishing material that may be installed on top of the access floor before or after installation of the access floor is called finishing material for access floor.
  • Requirements for Access Floor finishing material
    - By preventing pulp effect caused by static electricity, it prevents computer or machinery malfunctions.
    - It also provides effective and clean environment by removing dust in the air.
  • Integrated access floor finishing material that are attached on top of the access floor panel before construction are the following:

① Conductive Tile- Normal measurement for conductive tile is 600x600x2.0t-3.06. By using PVC material and conductive carbon black, the finishing material has 10,000~l,000,000Ω surface resistance. Therefore, the static electricity may be removed by connecting an external rod to the floor. - It is an effective finishing material that prevents static electricity and provides good appearance

② Non-asbestos surface vinyl style(Deluxe style) - It is a vinyl non-asbestos tile (deluxe style) that has been used often as finishing material in normal constructions. However, due to its frequent surface scratch, it is no longer being used in construction.

③ High pressure laminate tile (H.P.L) - As a ply wood product, HP laminate tile is cheap as the deluxe tile and resistant to scratch. It is a wood finishing material that is being widely used. - Due to its strong hardness, curling effect may occur in rapid temperature/humidity change. When attached to steel product, various malfunctions (tile may be detached) may occur, Therefore, attachment to steel product must be refrained.


Access Floor
O/A Floor
Steel, Steel Con-core, Wood
Steel, Steel Con-core, Wood
Wood-600, Steel 600,610
International standard is 600x600
weight load
In 300kgf(designated weight),
Displacement rate is 0.77㎜
In 300kgf, displacement
rate is within 2㎜
In design weight, 400kgf,
it is within 2㎜
weight load
Internal shock
Internal fireproof
Fireproof, smoke proof
Fireproof, smoke proof
Support angle status
Comer Lock,Stringer,
Stringerless Type
Comer Lock Type,
Stringerless Type
Access floor
Various construction methods
may be applied
Adhesion of finishing material, change in lay out during construction, easy panel opening during wiring process
Require separate finishing material, change in layout during construction, difficult panel opening during wiring process (panels are detached after removing finishing materials)
O/A finishing material,
may be damaged when removed
As tile, deluxe tile, H.P.L. tile, conductive tile
Tile carpet,O/A Vinyl Mat, P-tile, Sens Tile(deluxe, as tile, H.PL. style may not be used- break upon installation)
A/S is impossible after installation
Difficult A/S
No height limit
It has low height within

600 Panel does not have height limit
Finishing process
Along with other process
finishing material process
Only possible during installation of O/A Floor-dividers
Wiring pace
Small space when installing Tray
Should not use heavy equipments
Installation height
No height
Electricity room,
exchange room,
central control center,
computer room and others
For electric offices
Due to limited use of finishing material


  • May be applied to rooms requiring sound proof and electricity proof properties such as electricity room, control room, research room, hospital operation room, media room, telephone exchange room, broadcasting room and central control room. It also may be applied to clean room in semiconductor factory, control room in industrial plants, research center and communication centers
  • By obtaining effective wiring space, better office appearance and environment is achieved

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